Open Hours* An open meeting with Aveneer’s technical team that any user can attend. At the meeting: You can ask about current challenges related to the use of the, solve problems, consult the process of generating templates Our team will be available 100% for users. Open Hours are held once a month and last for one hour. Each user will be informed about the date of the meeting.

Service Level Agreement

Access to ForVendi technical support 9-17, weekdays (CET)
Reaction time – critical error ticketing system
Reaction time – standard error 4h
Reaction time – minor issue 8h
Critical error workaround / correction time 10h
Standard error workaround / correction time 48h
Minor issue correction time 72h
Maintenance of Aveneer Backend Service included
Access to the app from the production and the sandbox organisation included
Support during the initial managed package installation & configuration included
Aveneer admin users training included