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How to simplify and speed up document generation with Salesforce?

Choose a fast and reliable application that generates documents automatically directly from Salesforce. Aveneer will help you conveniently generate documents from Salesforce data, transcending the limitations of that system. Our tool integrates seamlessly with the platform. It will only take a few hours to install and configure Aveneer to meet the needs of your business.

and error-free document generation


No more frustration. Forget about slow tools and system errors! Aveneer supports single and bulk document generation with the option to merge entire packages into a single file for easy printing. Numerous requests from multiple employees are easily handled simultaneously. Aveneer automates docgen processes and supports the requirements of different departments within a company: sales, administration, finance, HR, and many others. Our solution manages all types of documents. It takes just a few seconds to generate them.


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Success Stories

Check the success stories of our Clients who replaced their old doc gen solutions with Aveneer to save time and money, and improve their experience.

Education First creates over 1 million documents every year with speed and accuracy using Aveneer.

Kozminski uses Aveneer for document generation and mass signing, ensuring flawless operations during peak admission periods.

Merito uses Aveneer to automate document creation in its recruitment process, saving time and serving future students more effectively.

In Aveneer, all it takes is a click to generate all the documents for each student applicant…


that are accurate and error-free. Our employees have more time to serve our students, better now Implementing Aveneer has done more than just save time for MERITO. It has helped us attract the best students and increased the ease of contacting and reaching them.

With Aveneer, we are able to generate documents in bulk in express speed...

Aveneer has markedly reduced the time Education First devoted to generating documents. With Aveneer, we can easily generate documents in bulk very fast and accurate. As Aveneer is native to Salesforce, it really helped us make it look and work as one of our own applications which meant we got an instant adoption from our users.

Must-have document generator tool!

Over the last year, as a Technical Architect, I had the opportunity to use Aveneer in several projects and I am really pleased with its reliability and performance in addition, it is really worth mentioning the incredibly helpful support team that not only proposes solutions but also helps with the implementation.

Very powerful tool and great customer service

Aveneer is a very user-friendly system. Template creation and mapping rules are easy to configure. The tool is very fast and flexible to adapt. The team is eager to support and explanation. We have had some challenges in the last few months with specific template configurations and conditions and we receive eager quick responses and solutions. I can definitely recommend the Aveneer tool.

Fast and effective tool

Before Aveneer we’ve been using another docu sign solution that was slow, time consuming and very inefficient when it comes to bulk signing.

We’ve decided to switch to Aveneer and it did not disappoint! It allowed us to generate documents within seconds and ‘mass sign’ option speed up all our recruitment processes. Big plus for flexability in customizations!


Workflow automation, document generation and e-signature 
in a single solution.

Aveneer gives lots of possibilies and generates documents faster than major market competitors, which makes it a great value for money. You don’t see a feature you need? Just message us. We’re happy to learn about your requirements and help you with your challenges.





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Document Generation
Document generation Prepare any document template containing Aveneer Tokens that will pull data from corresponding SF fields. Templates can also utilize Image & Signature Tokens. Generate both PDF & DOCX documents.
Merging to a single document Prepare any document template containing Aveneer Tokens that will pull data from corresponding SF fields. Templates can also utilize Image & Signature Tokens. Generate both PDF & DOCX documents.
Securing PDF files with a password Protect your document with a password that can be set up as either any field of the main object or static text. You can also choose to generate additional copy of the document, without the password protection.
Multiple documents on a single page Generate documents containing data from multiple records on the same document page. Can be used to generate address labels for envelopes.
Generating from reports Generate documents based on Salesforce Reports. Prepare reports listing required records and use them to generate specific documents.
Generating large quantities of documents in a single batch (up to a 1000) Other document generation solutions allow their Users to generate up to 200 documents in one session. Aveneer exceeds those limitations by allowing their Users to generate up to 1000 documents per session. It is 5 times the limit of the competition.
Mini component which can be placed on the layout Generate documents without leaving the record page. Aveneer application includes mini component that can be place anywhere on the lightning page. Users don’t need to leave the record page to generate their documents which vastly improves the overall User Experience.
Creating records after document generation Create new records or update the existing ones after the document generation process if completed. Once documents are generated, Aveneer can create new records, for example new Tasks, or update data in specific fields on existing records, to make sure its Users never miss the next step in the record’s lifecycle.
Generating documents from Apex Skip the UI and use automation to generate documents via apex & flow.
Automatic re-generation of documents after an error Aveneer will attempt to re-generate documents for which the initial generation has failed.
Notifications after document generation Aveneer offers two types of notifications – native Salesforce Bell notification and fully customizable email notification.
Downloading documents as zip files Users can download generated documents right after the generation process is completed. Download button, conveniently located on the progression component, will zip those documents into a single file.
Template Creation
Automatic token recognition and mapping All Aveneer Tokens containing API names of the corresponding Salesforce fields will be automatically mapped to those fields once the template is uploaded. Aveneer offers a component that helps Aveneer Admins to access the full list of Aveneer Tokens available for the selected object.
Dynamic image tokens Utilize Image Tokens that will pull images attached to specific records. Generate documents dynamically with content matching selected records.
Assignment rules – filtering templates based on the record state Create Assignment Rules and relate them to specific Template Configuration records. Only after Assignment Rule conditions are met, the related Template Configuration record will become available for document generation. Minimize the number of mistakes made during generation process.
Condition tokens – conditional display of data in a document Condition Tokens allow to define certain conditions required for the specific part of the document to be displayed/inserted. For example you can hide fields that don’t have a value for the selected record or have two versions of static text depending on the value of the selected field.
Dynamic tokens in document name Aveneer Tokens can be inserted in to the Document Name field of the Template Configuration record. This way each generated document will have its name rendered dynamically depending on the selected record.
Mathematical functions (rollup tokens) Function Tokens allow to execute mathematical functions based on selected fields of a child object (similar to roll-up fields). Instead of creating new formula fields, utilize Aveneer’s Function Tokens. The following functions are currently supported: sumby, min, max, mean, discount.
Child tokens – displaying data from child records If you want to display “child” records (e.g. you generate a document for the Order record and want to display a list or tables with products), it can be configured like a regular field. Child token will retrieve all “child” records for the generated record that match the criteria and display them in the document.
Data providers Advanced method of returning data that can be used in the document as tokens. Useful for retrieving data that need transformations on the fly, retrieving data from objects with non-standard relationships to the generated document, etc.
Formatting for date and number tokens (numbers, percentages, currency) Aveneer allows to adjust the format of data pulled from Salesforce. Aveneer Admins can decide how numbers and dates are displayed by adding additional formatting to Aveneer Tokens.
Template versioning Template Configuration History. Each time a Template Configuration record and its token mapping is edited, a new Template Configuration History is created, which allows Aveneer Admins to investigate the previous setting at any point in time.
Electronic Signature
Signing documents

Aveneer Signature module allows to sign documents by:

  •  Drawing you signature on canvas
  •  Uploading your signature from Salesforce
  • Typing in your signature

  •  Uploading your signature from your computer

Aveneer Users can also mass sign documents, sign documents in specific order, define expiration date of their documents, ask for the extension of the expiration date or decline the document signing entirely.

Branch Config – notifications Branch Config allows to define email notifications sent out during the signing process, and the exact moment of their sending. It also enables the configuration of the signing page, email footer and the name of the company’s department.

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